Triathlon Words That Should Be, Triglets Part 1

Do you remember Sniglets? They are words that don’t appear in the dictionary but should. Sniglets originated in the 80’s with the HBO series Not Necessarily the News. Triathlon has its own vernacular with words like “bricks” and “bonking” being tossed around, Triglets. I have come up with some of my own Triglets.

Aquarash – The strange burn that appears on the neck after a wetsuit swim.

Bodyslam – The full body muscle soreness the day after a race.

Bottle Shock – When you reach behind to grab a bottle from your back cage and it is gone. You realize it probably popped out 3 miles back when you rode over the nasty train tracks.

Cycleroma – The smell of a room after an indoor bike workout. The smell is exponential to the number of people in the room.

Fungoo – The residue on your bike frame from gels and drinks

Gasplorch – What to say to the race official (in lieu of the regular expletives) who pulled you over for littering when your bottle escaped on those train tracks.

Ill Suiter— An individual who wears their wetsuit backwards or inside out (yes, I have seen both).

Invisibuoy –  The disappearance of the huge orange or yellow buoy on the swim if it is rough or if the sun is in your eyes.

Overage – Adding a few miles to your run or bike ride beyond what you had planned on your schedule.

Overstride – What happens when you are fading during a race and then drink a cup of cola.

Runnerstummy – GI distress that occurs during long runs, speed sessions or races that forces you to stop.

Spreader – An individual who takes up too much space in transition and encroaches on your area.

Tridew – The clammy, awful state that your gear is in when you have to pack it wet after a race.

Yo-yoer – A person who passes and drops back and repasses and drops back and passes again during training or a race.

Can you add to this list?

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30 Responses

  1. Holy Moly–that is funny! I think I’ve experienced every one of them! Or, what about “sodiumitis”–the disease like spread of salt all over your body and race kit. I can’t wait to share these (with your permission and credit) on my blog!

  2. Anonymous says:

    These are great! How about “agenvy” – the feeling other tri-friends get when you tell them you just aged-up.

  3. GatorCraig says:

    Nadadownnether – (aka numbnuts) – the lack of feeling in the male anatomy regions during the late stages of long bike segments;

    Swimxiety – the anxious feeling before the triathlon starts;

    Trisurfing – swimming over the top of competitors

    Gelicious – better tasting energy gels

  4. Anonymous says:

    Robothlete – The individual you see running with music player, headphones, heart rate monitor, pace watch with GPS, and a fuel belt decked out with goodies and gadgets that make it look similar to Batmans utility belt. Additional style points added if the sunglasses somehow resemble the Terminator!

  5. Bob Mitera says:

    Iron Fever: the feeling of “I have to do an Ironman NOW” even though I have never done a triathlon and don’t own a bike.

  6. Sara says:

    Bucket person or Bucketeer — the people who insist on bringing buckets full of water into T areas to wash the sand and dirt off their feet.

  7. Brandon Wood says:

    I actually created the word Irontan last year.


    The brown color imparted to the skin by exposure to the sun or open air due to training for an Ironman Triathlon. Due to long hours of training, this particular tan is denoted by many different levels of coloration in many varying patterns. Most notably:

    >3 or more tan lines on each arm
    >tan lines from wrist mounted watch or GPS
    >tan lines from wearing cycling gloves
    >3 or more tan lines on the thighs from varying shorts length
    >tan lines on lower legs from socks and capri length tights

  8. Good additions! Thanks. Carrie, you can certainly share this post on your site.


  9. George H says:

    New-ager: a person who moves up into the next age bracket.

  10. lokibeat says:

    Cervesuright. The pride at passing someone with a $3500 TT bike in your 5 year old road bike with $50 aerobar.

  11. Brickette (or more formally, briquet)- a very short brick often done during a taper week

  12. Brandon says:

    Clingon- The random rider that grabs on to your wheel when you ride by. I need to come up with the word that describes the look that I give to them.

    Pigeon Rider- A rider that bobs their head like a pigeon or chicken.

    Cliptastrophy- When you are trying to be cool at a stop light and are balancing on your bike. You realize you can’t pull it off before the light turns green and you try to clip out but can’t and go down in front of everyone. A Major Cliptastrophy is when you take another rider down with you. Which I have been a victim of. I need to come up with the word that described the look I gave that person.

    Flattrum- The minor temper tantrum that some people get when they have a flat. Uber Flatrom- Norman Stadler…..

    Lane Racer- Someone who tries to race you from another lane when you show up to do a solo swim.

    Swamp Thing- The person at the pool that always swims with a snorkle, paddles, pull buoy, fins and a wet suit and takes over 3 min per hundred…..short course yards.

    Soy Bean Crotch- When you get saddle sores that get deep under the skin and become unpopable giving you the sensation that you have a soy bean in your taint.

    Crotch Birth- You sit in a warm bath and manage to squeeze one of those Soy Beans out!!!

  13. Brandon says:

    ohh one more.

    A Formula One- A swimmer, cyclist or runner who has been cursed with swim/bike/run form that scares small children and old ladies and probably makes something on your own body hurt when you have to look at it. Note: Formula Ones are not always slow! Ex: Paula Radcliffe.

  14. Regina says:

    thanks for taking me back to the 80’s! I forgot all about that show until you mentioned it.

    hintermess – the chafing and blistering that you get in your ‘hinterlands’ when you forget to lube up your ‘parts’.

    I like Brandon’s ‘Lane Racer’, however, I would have defined it as a person who spends the entire bike portion racing on the the right side of the lane instead of using it for passing only.

    These are great! thanks!

  15. Thanks al of for giving me free online resource of sports dictionary. I want to read all the technical terms.

  16. Eric Indiana says:

    Here is my most recent list of Words that Should Be:

    For lots more, take a look around my blog. Long live neology!

  17. Anonymous says:

    The Man Tramp Stamp – Like a lower back tattoo, but a band of sunburn on a guy when the tri top rides up on a sunny day.

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