These are a few of my (not) favorite things

 Triathlon interviews generally ask the same questions.  How did you get started in the sport? (I swam first) What is your strongest event? (Depends on the day) Beyond the typical sport-related inquiries, are the questions dealing with favorites. What is your favorite food? (Buffalo burger) What is your favorite type of music? (Classic rock, 80’s) What is your favorite way to spend free time (Blogging, of course) How come nobody ever asks about dislikes? I am conducting an interview with myself about the atypical.

JZ: What is your least favorite household chore?
JZ: I despise doing laundry. It is an endless task, because even when I am doing laundry, I am wearing clothes that will need laundering. I hang dry most of my clothes, which prolongs the life of them, but adds a lot of time to the process. I do not like leaving workout clothes sitting in the hamper too long, as that is a sure fire way to get perma-stink. And, the socks. Where do they go? I have so many single socks I am thinking about putting them on to find them mates.

JZ:  What is your least favorite personality trait?
JZ: I have an alter-ego. She comes out when I get too hungry. It is a complete personality transformation; I become cranky, snappy, and often jittery. Someone once asked me her name. I replied, “Bitch”. I try to fend her off by carrying food in my purse to use in times of extreme hunger.

JZ: What is your least favorite part of triathlon?
JZ: Travelling. I hate packing my bike. I am always worried about whether it will arrive safely, or even arrive at all. Flights are often delayed. Seats are cramped. Schlepping the bike case and luggage from the parking lot to the terminal and from the terminal to the rental car lot is a hassle. It is 2010, why can’t we teleport?

JZ: What is your least favorite genre?
JZ: I am not a fan of science fiction. The subject matter confuses me and I cannot pay attention, whether it is a movie, TV show or novel. The characters are often strange and the plots too surreal, although, as mentioned in the point above, I will take some of their ideas!

JZ: What is your least favorite thing about Boulder?
JZ: Boulder is widely known as a triathlon mecca. The roads are fantastic for riding, there are excellent running trails and the scenery is beautiful. But. The weather is schizophrenic. Seventy degrees one day, then four inches of snow the next. In mid-May. Gale force winds knocking down trees. Afternoon thunderstorms. No place is perfect…

JZ: What is your least favorite aspect of racing?
JZ: DNF-ing. I really dislike not finishing races, even though I have accrued a long list of incomplete race attempts. A mechanical makes a DNF inevitable. The decision to drop out of a race, even if it is in my best interest, is preceded by agonizing conversations in my head. And, to emphasize this dread of dropping out, last year, during the 5430 Long Course race, I kept running despite extreme dizziness. I knew I should stop, I even ran by the med tent. Eventually, my body took over and I passed out.  Stubbornness does not always pay off.

What are your least favorite things?

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4 Responses

  1. Christi says:

    Thanks for the post. Many people don’t ask about your dislikes and it is nice to some it. My dislikea are peas and snow! Peas are disgusting veggie that squishes. And well snow makes it hard to workout!

  2. Nicole says:

    I’m with ya on the laundry! Triathlon training certainly creates a ton of it! My hamper seems to always be in overflow mode!

  3. From what I read above, I think it is safe to say, that at times you can be one stubborn “bitch”! haha….Ahhh but can’t we all 🙂

  4. Trihardist says:

    My dislikes are along the lines of laundry: showering and eating. Why? Because you know while you’re taking a shower after your morning run you’ll just have to shower again after the afternoon swim. I’ve taken three or four showers in a day, before! And I love eating, but sometimes putting healthy food in the body is just plain work, especially when you know you’re just going to have to feed it again in a couple of hours!