Sick Day

This week my daily routine was thrown off by illness. Not only did I miss workouts, but I neglected other tasks, such as work, laundry and errands, as I lay about nursing my throbbing sinuses. I didn’t leave my house for over two days. Here is what Wednesday looked like:

7:30 am – Holy crap, I must be sick. I slept really late this morning. Normally I am awake before 6. Half the day is gone!

8 am – Make coffee. Check email.  Surf the web.

8:30 am – Do the New York Times crossword. My sinuses have affected my brain, I can only complete half.

9 am – Make breakfast of oatmeal with frozen blueberries and dried apricots. Yum, comfort food.  Too lazy to clean the pot, very messy later.

10 am – Ahh, the couch. I set up everything I need so I don’t have to move. Phone, water, tissues, snacks, blanket, pillow. I snuggle in for the long haul.

10:02 am – I have to go to the bathroom. I drag myself off the couch.

10:05 am – Channel surfing. Daytime TV sucks. Need a good movie. Nothing on. I settle for Grease 2. It is terrible, how did they say those lines with a straight face?

1 pm – Decide to spin a little. Drag bike in from garage and set up on trainer. Fill water bottles. Change clothes. Choose music.

1:25 pm – Get off bike disgusted. Legs feel like Jello. Holding 100 watts not productive (ok, if I am being honest it was 85).

2 pm – Back on the couch. Watch reruns of The Big Bang Theory that we had on DVR. Hilarious.

3:30 pm – Look for movies On Demand. Not a lot on offer. Choose a good ‘ole comedy: Tootsie.

5:30 pm – Mark finally home. I am glad to have some company. He informs me that I have left a dent on the couch.

6: 30 pm – Dinner. Leftovers.

7 pm – Is it too early to go to bed, I wonder? More TV. My eyes are blurry from staring at the screen so long.

9:30 – Bed time. Tomorrow will be a better day!

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  1. Jon Gilchrist says:

    get better!!