Real Swimming for Triathletes: Flexibility

In our third video in the series Real Swimming for Triathletes, we introduce the concept of gaining flexibility in order to swim faster. Triathletes without a swim background do not have the same flexibility in their shoulders, hips, torso and ankles as lifelong swimmers.This lack of flexibility is one of the biggest culprits in poor swim form. If the shoulders, hips and torso are stiff, rotation will be limited and the ability to make a good catch will be hindered. In this video, we explain some movements and stretches that will open up the body. If done on a regular basis, you will start to notice improvements in your swim form which will reduce the risk for injury and help you swim faster. Thanks again to Roman Mica of Everymantri and Brandon del Campo.

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3 Responses

  1. bolt bins says:

    These all thing is really important to me. Goggles also important for the swimming. Goggles that protect your eyes from the sides as well are suited for this purpose. It is informative post.

  2. Tina Z says:

    This series is great (even for swimmers), thanks!

  3. matlockt says:

    There's a lot I still need to learn. Thanks for the tips, I just wish you would have offered them in person! jk