More Triglets

Last year I posted a list of Triglets, triathlon words that don’t exist but should. Here is part two.

Aeropeel – The moon shaped area on your back that burns and peels from being in the aerobars and your shirt does not provide proper back coverage.

Chlorofilm – The coating on your teeth after swimming in a heavily chlorinated pool.

– The flat spot on your tire from riding on the trainer.

Endorfix – The good feeling after a good workout.

Excercoma – Exhaustion that occurs after a long day of training.

– The irrational fear triathletes have of losing fitness. No, it doesn’t go away while you are sleeping.

Ibuse – Using ibuprofen during training and racing to mask pain instead of taking time off.

– The aftermath of an Ironman, from dehydration, too much sugar and too much Ironman.

Linkgroan – The noise your chain makes when it is way too dry.

Number jockey – Anyone who is obsessed with their power numbers or run paces and constantly tell you about it.

– The leftover body marking you see on people days after the race.

Pantry-Raid – Waking up at 2am hungry after a long day of training and eating everything in sight.

Specurace – Estimating what you could have done in the race had you not blown up.

Spree– The stream when you go to the bathroom on the bike.

Squeech – The noise your running shoes make when they get wet.

Tantoo – Permanent tan lines from years of swimming.

Trainwreck – A string of good workouts followed by a very bad day.

Triflation – Any lie that makes training better than it actually was when telling friends what you did.

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6 Responses

  1. Nicole says:

    Thanks for another great list! Aeropeel is my favorite!

  2. Christi says:

    That is a great list!

  3. Joel says:

    These are spectacular! I totally laughed at spree (actually laughed at the mental image I had based on the definition)…

  4. Lara says:

    Excellent, I especially like tantoo. Maybe because I have one?

  5. Stephen says:

    this is absolutely hilarious!!! LOVE IT!!

  6. SixTwoThree says:

    I love the aeropeel! I had one that made my boyfriend laugh hysterically when he divulged that I got a little sun out there that day. It looked like emoticon grin in hot pink and lasted for days. Oh and the tantoo and number resin? I had the combo. There's a reason my blog is called SixTwoThreeTries! I had 623 on my arms for the better part of a year!