Keeping Busy

It has been an interestingly busy few weeks. In some ways, I have felt scattered, with my attention focused on myriad projects. Time usually spent training has now been filled with making dormant ideas come to fruition.

For the first time in decades, I have no set training schedule. It has been impossible to predict from day to day how I will feel and what I will be able to accomplish training-wise. I wake up with some idea of what I would like to do, and then if my body is feeling capable, I try. Some days, I succeed in completing a workout and others I have to stop early due to lingering discomfort (it appears that there is still some significant scar tissue and resulting compression between some ribs).

Cycling has been the most difficult and the sport I have done the least in the past 6 weeks. I took several weeks off completely. I am up to 2-3 days of easy riding. My PowerTap constantly reminds me of how this injury has affected my strength on the bike; it seems I have none. And the position of riding causes soreness, so my rides are short, just enough to enjoy the outdoors and keep my legs moving and my backside used to sitting on a saddle.

I have been hiking regularly, exploring my surroundings and appreciating the beauty that is so close to home. Hiking requires a whole new set of muscles. My legs have been furiously sore after some of the longer, hillier jaunts. The higher altitude has had me panting and bent over gasping for air. The panoramas have been exquisite. I am amazed at the diversity in terrain and scenery in Colorado. Even Diesel has perched himself on rocks to take it all in.

The hard part has been fielding variations of this question, “What is your next race?” Or, as people quietly leave town for Kona, “Are you racing Kona this year?” Alternatively, there is, “How is your training coming along.” When I respond that I am still injured from a crash 10 months ago and done racing for the year, I can see the disbelief in their eyes.

How is that possible, they wonder? I, too, question, how this has come to pass. Of course, there are no clear answers, only bouts of frustration. In all of my years in the sport of triathlon, I have never had a more disappointing season. Of the four races I started, I DNFed two, won one (at least I have kept my streak of winning a race every season alive) and hobbled through the last. As they say in baseball, there is always next year. And believe me, I plan on attacking next year with a vengeance.

On a more positive front (a friend told me I have been too negative lately), I have some new endeavors for next year. I am working with some friends on a potential summer training camp and some clinics. As the details become finalized I will share more.

This coming weekend I am attending a retreat at Torrey Pines resort in San Diego sponsored by espnW. The focus is the role of women in sports. The list of attendees is diverse and the schedule of events interesting. We were able to sign up for various activities. It should be no surprise that I chose boot camp and sea kayaking! I did pass on the golf outing on Saturday. My only golfing experience is when my father used to take me to the driving range 30 years ago. I think a long run on the beach is more suited to my talents. I will post an update next week.

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2 Responses

  1. Christi says:

    Have a great time in San Diego! I love that city!

  2. The Dude says:

    Hey Joanna,

    Sounds like you are approaching your recovery in a very sane way. It’s great to hear that you are getting better!