Happy New Year!

Here we are again, the end of the year. The past 12 months have both flown by and crept along. As I have written in the past, I am not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions. I do, however, think this time of year is perfect for reflecting on the positives, learning from mistakes and using the lessons as an opportunity for growth. While I do not plan on making specific resolutions, I have come up with a very seemingly simplistic goal that I am sure will be maddeningly difficult to achieve.
My goal stems from a daily observation of Diesel the Dog. He wakes up every morning in a glowingly happy mood; he is unequivocally excited to start the day. He jumps on our bed with a brilliant smile, tail wagging, and licks our faces until we get up. He bounds down the stairs, goes out to do his business, and eats his breakfast with a gusto usually associated with a special meal not the same old kibble (seriously, he does the happy dance for every single meal). He approaches the day with such cheerfulness and wonder and possibility: Will I play Frisbee or chase a ball or run? Will I get some table scraps or a snack? Will I get to bark at the passersby? Will I nap for 18 hours? Will I get scratched behind the ears?
In stark contrast, I wake up without much thought.  Some days I am happy, some days sad, some days sore, and some days wondering what the heck that crazy dream meant.  I get out of bed and mindlessly go through the morning routine, looking forward to my first cup of coffee to jump start my brain.
What if I make an effort to wake up eager and ready to seize the day? Will my days reflect that enthusiasm?
Now, I am not naïve enough to think that morning jubilee will make each day a special day. I do think, though, if I am positive and happy in the morning, even if the rest of the day goes to shit, at least I had a few moments of glory before it all went wrong and perhaps the more positive outlook will become a self-fulfilling prophesy; feel good things and good things will happen.
Happy New Year.

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1 Response

  1. Bob Mitera says:

    We can all learn a bit from our dogs. I'm amazed at how Greta likes to stand in 15 F wind and smell the fresh air.

    Happy New Year.