Diesel the Dog: Violet comes to visit

The people in the house next door got a little dog named Violet. She is a Goldendoodle, like my buddy Bogart. Apparently she is very cute, because Crazy Blonde starts talking in a high pitched voice and stops to pet her whenever we see her. I’m not sure I like her; she likes to jump all over me and she takes attention away from me.

Ugh, she is so cute it makes me gag.

One day last week, Violet appeared in my house and she hasn’t left yet and it has been a whole week. I sure hope she isn’t moving in. I don’t think she is, because sometimes Bogart comes and stays for a few days and then leaves. I hope Violet goes away soon. I need a rest from her.

Violet seems to think I am some kind of chew toy. She likes to suck on my ears and bite my tail and put my collar in her mouth.

Help! Someone, anyone, please save me.

Crazy Blonde has to take my collar off or else Violet will ruin it. In fact, I haven’t heard the word “no” so much since I was little!

You know what bothers me? When Violet wakes me up from a perfectly good nap and wrestles with me. She never seems to get tired. Crazy Blonde always says I have a lot of energy, but Violet has worn me out. Not only do I have to entertain Violet, but Crazy Blonde is keeping me on a rigorous running schedule.

The other day Violet would not go to sleep at all then finally she just conked out.We took a nap together.

Finally, some rest.

Not only is Violet a terrible napper, she is also a restless sleeper at night. She goes to bed in the metal box that I used to have to go in. She is still small and can have accidents in the house and she likes to chew on the rugs and chairs so she also goes in the box when Crazy Blonde and Deep Voice are not around. I walked into the box to see if I like it any better than when I used to have stay in there. I don’t; it sucks.

I thought maybe I would get a nice treat if I went into the box. I didn’t.

We have done some really fun things since Violet has been here. We went to Coot Lake, my favorite place to go swimming. Since she is still a baby, she didn’t go really far out into the middle of the lake like me.

Look how far I out I am! I am a really good swimmer.

Violet spent most of the time chasing after another little dog near the edge of the water. She got very dirty. That did not make Crazy Blonde happy because she is a neat freak.

I’m glad I didn’t get that dirty. I had a bath last week and did not want another one.

The other day I finally figured out how to get revenge on Violet for biting my ears. I can run circles around her. We went to the park and I just ran and ran. She tried to catch me but she couldn’t. I think I heard her whimper. It was very hot so we had to take a rest in the shade.

It was nice and cool under here.

Violet likes to follow me around and copy what I do. When I bark, she barks. Her bark is sharp and piercing, not like my manly bark. When I jump on Crazy Blonde, she jumps on Crazy Blonde. Crazy Blonde is not amused by all the jumping. When I go exploring at the park and go into the weeds, Violet follows me right in. When I eat, she tries to steal my food. That makes me mad since I love my kibble.

I am happy to see Violet in the morning. When Crazy Blonde opens the box and Violet comes out we lick each others face. You know what? I am actually going to miss her when she goes home. I am glad she lives next door so I will be able to see her soon.

P.S. Don’t worry, Bogart, you are still my BFF.

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