Diesel the Dog: The Athlete

Will someone please play with me?
It has been one year since Crazy Blonde and Deep Voice brought me home from the place I was kept with my two brothers after we were found on the street in Oklahoma. I’m so happy they picked me. I have the best life! I eat, sleep, poop, fetch, swim, run, play with my doggie friends and sleep some more. I am really lucky, because I have A LOT of energy and Crazy Blonde and Deep Voice make sure I get plenty of exercise.
We started with playing Frisbee. I am really good at it. I run really fast after the Frisbee and then jump high in the air and grab it with my mouth. Sometimes I like to show off and do some tricks while I am in the air. Everyone ooh’s and ahh’s and I get yummy treats. You know what I really hate though? When Crazy Blonde pretends to the throw the Frisbee and I go running after it and look around and it is still in her hand. I feel so foolish and everyone laughs. Stop doing that, I do not find it amusing.
I’m a jumper!
When I got old enough, Crazy Blonde started taking me for runs. She attached my leash around her waist and off we went. At first we only ran a little bit. It felt like we just went around the block. Then I got to run longer. It is the best. We go to really cool trails with lots of things to smell and see. The other day I saw this big animal that Crazy Blonde called a deer. I really wanted to chase after it, but Crazy Blonde wouldn’t let me. I can just run and run forever, with my ears flopping in the wind and my tongue hanging out of my mouth. I get to run several days a week with Crazy Blonde. Sometimes Deep Voice takes me out for a run. He is much slower, so those are my recovery days.

For a long time I would not chase a ball. But then, it was really windy every day for a long time and my Frisbee wouldn’t fly in the air very well.  One windy day, Deep Voice threw me a ball and I went after it. I had no choice; I needed to run after something. Oh my goodness, it was much more fun than I thought it would be! Deep Voice got this funny looking object to throw the ball and it goes really far, almost across the park. Then Deep Voice got this bright orange ball that bounces really high. I can jump in the air like I do with my Frisbee, or I can chase after it at full speed.

Why do you tease me so? Just throw it already.
Now that it is summer, we go to the lake a lot so I can swim. It is not my favorite thing to do, but it is really refreshing and I don’t get so hot like I do when I play at the park. At first I was timid and would not go out very far. We have gone a lot, though, and I have been able to practice. I can go all the way to the middle of the lake! Of course, I only go in the water when somebody throws my favorite ball and I have to get it. I really don’t see the purpose of just going in for no reason.
I totally beat that other guy to shore
I like to nap after I workout. It is really good for my recovery.
Crazy Blonde keeps joking that if I could ride a bike I would be a really good triathlete. That seems silly though. How would I get a helmet to fit my head? And, those bike shorts look ridiculous, and where would I put my tail?

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4 Responses

  1. Forward Foot Strides says:

    Thanks for sharing your athletic adventures Diesel! P.S. You're one of the cutest athletes I've ever seen!

  2. Drew Giacobe says:

    Nice!! Josie and Max are totally jealous.

  3. Barbara Garren says:

    Charlie is so jealous! He's just a little guy and can't go for long runs. He thinks anything less than 3 miles is a waste of a perfectly good day – but he doesn't understand Diesel's obsession with balls and flying disc thingies. He thinks the bunnies, birds and lizards are much more fun to chase!

  4. Miguel says:

    Diesel my boy don't give up on the tri thing, I used to stick my tail between my legs all the time, especially when trying to stay on CrazyBlonde's wheel.