Diesel the Dog: Snowshoeing

I love winter! Crazy Blonde doesn’t like the snow and the cold, but I do. It is so much fun to jump around in it and eat it and make it yellow.

They say not to eat the yellow snow, but I think it tastes just fine.

Imagine my incredible surprise when I woke up the other morning and I went outside to do my business and the white fluffy stuff was up to my stomach. Yippee!

My good buddy Bogart was over for the weekend, so we had lots of fun playing around. One afternoon, Crazy Blonde and Deep Voice packed up the car with these weird looking objects called snow shoes and drove us up to the mountains. I hate being in the car, it makes me feel funny. But, this time, I managed not to puke. Deep Voice drove the whole way with the window open so I could put my head outside. It was really cold, but it made me feel better.

Finally, we got to a place called Brainard Lake. My friend Riley was there so I knew it would be a fun time.

It took a while to decide which trail to go on.

What are we waiting for? We’re ready to go!

The group decided to hike up to Left Hand Reservoir. They had to find a trail that allowed dogs and snowshoeing.

Look at all of this snow. It is so much fun to go underneath it.
Even the trees were covered with it! I wonder if they are cold?

We hiked up this big hill for a long time. There were lots of people sliding down on these narrow sticks. Some of them went really fast and almost took me out and some of them were wobbly and fell.

Crazy Blonde looks really happy here. This is before she got really cold and bitchy.
Deep Voice with us doggies

Poor Bogart got lots of snow stuck on his face and in his paws. He had to stop a lot to bite the snowballs off of his feet. Deep Voice even stopped a couple of times to help out.

See all the snow on his face? Well, it melted in the car on the way home and he smelled terrible.

When we got to the top, Crazy Blonde and Deep Voice oohed and ahhed over the view.

I was so happy I gave Crazy Blonde a big kiss. I think she was a little grossed out.

The snow in background is a big lake in the summer.

 What a super fun day! I was so tired when I got home, I took a big nap.

Bogart made the best pillow.

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  1. I love the Diesel the Dog posts!! Those are some lucky dogs, so sweet!!